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A collection of commissioned and personal design/art projects. Projects include motion graphics, typeface design, hand lettering, packaging and illustration.

Typeface design “TT-Untitled”, 2020 (3 images)

Personal typeface: “TT-Turf2” over motion graphics still frame


Typeface design “TT-Turf”


Typeface design, photoshoot, and graphic layout

Mural for Spiral Gardens

IG Promo for my type designs

Artwork for my IG Stories

Photography & composition


Custom type design - “TT-Turf2”

Poster experiment with torn scans

Custom typefaces

Typography explorations

Typeface design sketches for “TT-Turf”

Testing my typeface “TT-Turf” with photos of Aya Sato & Bambi

Typeface design “TT-TSM” & visual identity for video project “The Secret Menu”

WIP of my typeface “TT-Turf2”

Motion graphic experiment

Type motion

Type motion

Packging & illustrations for concept project, Kala Rice Wine

Concept album cover, Photography by Robin Birdd

Hand-lettering with Pilot pen

Hand-lettering with Pilot pen

Concept poster for movie “Beyond The Black Rainbow”

Hand-lettering with Pilot pen

Hand-lettering with dry-erase maqrkers


Experiemental poster

In-Sides music artwork cover for single “Red Planet”

Visual identity motion for Roman Á Clef clothing brand

Concept packaging  project for athleisure clothing brand “Pneuma”

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