Thavin is a Berkeley, California based Graphic Designer specializing in Brand Identity, Creative Strategy, and Typography. Influenced by film, music, jokes, cooking, and architecture, he loves how all forms invite you to a space of story-telling that create dialogue and curiosity. He is also a member of the Oakland-based collective MACRO WAVES. When he’s not designing new typefaces, you can find him documenting things on his bike rides, watching A24 movies, or cooking with Kaffir leaves.

Capabilities: Hand-Lettering, Custom Type, Art Direction, Creative Strategy, Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines, Print & Packaging, 2D Motion Graphics, Environmental Design, CAD Schematics

Digital Brand Assets
Dropbox, SF (2020)

Designer → Brand Studio: Producers(PM), CDs, Writers, Brand Strategist, Product Designers /
Capabilities: Art Direction, Digital Layout, Diagrams, Style Guide

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Digital Identity
Lions Share, Berkeley (2020)

Designer → Lions Share Team /
Capabilities: Style Guide, Logo Lockup, Typography, Colors, Language

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Environmental Design

Designer → Producer, Technical Director, CD, Multi-Media Artists /
Capabilities: Art Direction, 2D Motion Graphics, CAD Schematics

Rebranded Deliverables
Uber Eats, SF (2018)

Production Designer → PMs, CDs, ADs, Writers, Brand Manager /
Capabilities: OOH Campaign, Print, 2D Animation, Style Guides, Art Direction

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Thavin Rajanakhan